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OpSuite EPOS is a reliable and Efficient EPOS system from RMS

The OpSuite retail software is an unparalleled retail cloud Epos system that focuses on managing all aspects of your business. The software is fast and easy to use, integrating all your multichannel operations including your web-based platforms. This POS software from RMS has been designed to make it simpler for the retailer to improve the customer experience.


At RMS we believe in empowering retailers with the tools they need to run their business as effectively as possible and this is achievable with our easy to use cloud based software. RMS EPOS makes retailing easier by giving you the ability to monitor the company as a whole, from anywhere, at any time and enables you to more ably offer customers a seamless multichannel retail experience. Multichannel retail is now the norm and the structure of retail has had to adapt to ensure the customer is always put first.

This retail software is specifically designed with stock management in mind, making stock control simpler and more efficient; enabling inventory management across all integrated channels. OpSuite has the capability of managing complex and ever changing inventories in a way that makes it easy for the retailer to handle.

Our Cloud technology has considerably lowered the cost of EPOS and its delivery. A physical server at your headquarters was previously necessary to run your EPOS system. Servers incur costs of staffing, electricity, back-ups and down-time. Back office and HQ retail management are hosted within in the cloud, therefore reducing the traditional running costs.

OpSuite takes the ongoing evolution of EPOS systems into the multichannel age by making business easier for retailers that have growth in mind. OpSuite’s low cost of ownership, allows you to make the most your shop in the most affordable and simplest of ways.

EPOS solutions from RMS can assist you to make the most out of your retail business now, and take you, positively into the future. Please contact Sales on 0800 138 0050 or email your enquiry to enquiries@rmspos.co.uk.

Why RMS?

The customer relationship is the most important aspect for RMS. At RMS we will ensure that the system you choose is the perfect fit for your retail business and future intentions.

We believe that every customer has a unique set of requirements and we will therefore take various steps to ensure you get exactly what is right for you. These steps include scoping and then planning your EPOS project before we build your EPOS solution. In addition RMS offers after sales services that include support, training and review.

We are growing quickly, but not too fast to lose sight of our customers. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do and customer service is our priority. We are always approachable and have the utmost passion about helping retailers become more profitable with simple, easy to use technology.

Superior retail operations software doesn't have to be complex. Replace Microsoft's Retail Management System HQ with a clean interface and place real-time information at your fingertips anywhere you can login to the internet. Take the confusion out of the equation with OpSuite from RMS!

We're here to answer your questions about how to improve your business both in-store and online. Please Freephone Sales on 0800 138 0050 or email your enquiry to enquiries@rmspos.co.uk.

Clements and Church

“A core Microsoft product coupled with all the benefits of being in the cloud with OpSuite HQ and the ability to spread the cost of the solution with a cloud-based monthly subscription plan” (Mark Nash, Director of Clements and Church, who were early adopters of OpSuite).

Finance and Leasing

Leasing options are now available… We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Bluestar Leasing, a specialist technology finance company. You can obtain indicative finance illustrations using Bluestar’s online Lease Calculator.

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