The Premier EPoS Solution

for Farm Shops & Delicatessen

OpSuite EPoS for Farm Shops & Delicatessen

In the modern world of fast-paced, mobile absorbed shoppers, it’s key that you can provide a quick, simple and automated point of sale (PoS) for the customers of your farm shop or delicatessen.

It is with these challenges in mind, that the RMS OpSuite cloud managed EPoS software is the perfect answer. The OpSuite EPoS is quick and simple to deploy across your stores and with our tailored on-boarding training you can improve customer experience, empower your staff, and drive more sales to your business.

Simple Setup

The RMS OpSuite EPoS seamlessly integrates with your brick & mortar shops and online ecommerce stores, making it the perfect solution for the modern food retailer. Based on a monthly subscription service the system reduces the risk of high capital expenditure, keeping your costs down while increasing efficiency.

Weighing Scales Integration

As a farm shop or delicatessen, adding scales to OpSuite Retail Management Solution increases the type of goods you can sell and can help you overcome the challenges that they bring. RMS partners with brand leader Avery Berkel, to offer a wide range of weighing scales that suit the retail EPoS environment. OpSuite EPoS software is fully weights and measures certified!

Depending on the nature of your retail business, the type of scales you require will vary. RMS offer a choice ranging from stand-alone scales such as the Avery Berkel FX Series, through to EPoS system integrated weighing scales such as the Avery Berkel XTi Series which save retailers time by eliminating double entry. OpSuite EPoS solution provides a direct link to the scales, ensuring that if a price needs to be changed or a new product needs to be added, entering the information once into OpSuite automatically updates the EPoS system & integrated scales.

  • Perfect EPoS

    OpSuite is the perfect retail Electronic Point of Sale EPoS software system for todays’ modern retailer.

  • Unique Features

    Packed with a rich set of unique features which will assist your retail operation in being more efficient and profitable.

  • Cloud Managed

    OpSuite is a cloud managed retail EPoS software solution that is a Quantum leap forward in technology, capability and usability for retailers looking for the most efficient, easy-to-use EPoS system.

  • Empower Your Staff

    OpSuite EPoS solution for retail allows you to drive greater efficiency savings, improve customer service, reduce manpower and manual processes, empowering your staff to make confident buying decisions that produce results.

  • Single or Multi-Store

    Whether you are a single store, multi-store or franchise retailer, then the rich set of features coupled with OpSuite's cloud managed functionality will allow you to effectively control your enterprise from anywhere you wish.

  • Integrated Checkout

    Weighing scales such as the Avery Berkel FX120 are best for loose fruit and vegetable produce. Item prices in the till are updated directly from within the OpSuite ‘Price Look Up’ (PLU) function. A touch menu facility on the epos system assists in picking the right items, and the weight is then read directly from the scales which is mounted in the till counter and connected by cable to the till.

  • Price Computing

    For Delicatessens and Farm shops, scales such as the Avery Berkel XTi series and the XT Series offer big benefits when they are used for weighing and barcoding items where the quantity will be chosen by the customer before packaging. The scales can have a touch menu to assist in choosing the right items, or you can simply enter the PLU number if you know it. The weight is read and a price is calculated allowing a barcode label to be printed off relating to the different weight & price of each item sold. The item is then taken to the till along with the rest of the shopping, the till scans the barcode and sells it at the price recorded. OpSuite can easily be integrated to these scales, ensuring price updates in OpSuite automatically updates prices on the scale giving the retailer a considerable saving of time and effort.


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"We engaged with RMS and the biggest difference in their approach is that if we pick up the telephone and raise a query, their answer is always carefully considered and centres on us as the customer. Unlike other companies that we have dealt with that perhaps deliver a quick stock answer to close down the query. We rarely hear - sorry, that cannot be done! We are very impressed and cannot recommend RMS enough".
Paul Swadzba,

Owner, The Kilt Hire Co.