EPOS Peripherals

No two EPoS installations are the same as retailers have many differing needs depending on current and growing business requirements, and RMS offers the widest range of compatible, plug-in EPoS devices from DataVan, Epson and Aures to suit your every need.

Whether your need is an EPoS Customer Display Screen, EPoS Magnetic Stripe Reader, Payment Card Reader, or a Programmable EPoS Keyboard, we have a range to suit every retailer.

EPoS systems may also require a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), RFID plug-in device, an operator thumbprint reader and other EPoS peripherals to customise the EPoS terminal to suit the individual needs of the retailer.




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Miura M10 Bluetooth Pin Pad M010-BOX01/M010-PROD01
PayTrans Miura

£23.46-£292.56     (Inc Vat)

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Ergonomic Solutions SPV1101 Space Pole Screen SPV1101-02
Ergonomic Solutions
Space Pole Screen Mount

£77.98-£79.60     (Inc Vat)

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SpacePole MultiGrip Plate
Ergonomic Solutions
SpacePole MultiGrip Plate

£21.80     (Inc Vat)

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SpacePoles DuraTilt
Ergonomic Solutions
SpacePole Payment Solutions

£24.84-£40.02     (Inc Vat)

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SumUp Air Payment Card Reader SUMUP-EU7
SumUp Card Reader

£20.70-£56.68     (Inc Vat)

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