EPoS Systems

A Retail EPoS system (Electronic Point of Sale), EPoS till or EPoS terminal, is comprised of a PC and a Display unit, such as a Touchscreen Monitor.

Additional EPoS hardware peripherals such as EPoS Barcode ScannersEPoS Cash DrawersEPoS Receipt Printers and EPoS Weighing Scales can then be chosen based on your requirements.

The main units are usually integrated with the PC and Display unit forming part of the same unit. These integrated EPoS systems may also have integrated peripherals such as Customer Displays and Receipt Printers. Otherwise the systems are modular, where you have a standalone unit to which you connect a display and peripherals.

RMS offer EPoS systems from Aures, HP & Datavan as shown below, but do Contact Us should you not find the EPoS system you are looking for.





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