The Premier EPoS Solution for

Fashion & Clothing Stores

OpSuite EPoS for Fashion & Clothing Stores

Excellent customer service and a simple checkout process, both in store and online are key to a successful fashion and clothing store. And with the RMS OpSuite cloud managed EPoS software you can deliver exactly that across all of your stores, giving you the freedom to automate all of your point of sales and ensure you reach your business’ goals.

Setup and Go

With a simple and intuitive process, the OpSuite EPoS can seamlessly integrate into your fashion and clothing store, giving you a highly efficient system and provide both your customers and team with a fantastic experience.

Our expert team will also empower your retail staff through a bespoke training service. And with our transparent and simple monthly subscription service you can reduce the overhead of high capital expenditure, providing you with a well-rounded package that will see your fashion and clothing business excel.  

  • Perfect EPoS

    OpSuite is the perfect retail Electronic Point of Sale EPoS software system for todays’ modern retailer.

  • Unique Features

    Packed with a rich set of unique features which will assist your retail operation in being more efficient and profitable.

  • Cloud Managed

    OpSuite is a cloud managed retail EPoS software solution that is a Quantum leap forward in technology, capability and usability for retailers looking for the most efficient, easy-to-use EPoS system.

  • Empower Your Staff

    OpSuite EPoS solution for retail allows you to drive greater efficiency savings, improve customer service, reduce manpower and manual processes, empowering your staff to make confident buying decisions that produce results.

  • Single or Multi-Store

    Whether you are a single store, multi-store or franchise retailer, then the rich set of features coupled with OpSuite's cloud managed functionality will allow you to effectively control your enterprise from anywhere you wish.

Contact RMS for an Estimate

Just send us a message, or give us a call to chat with one of our OpSuite team members about getting an estimate to match your EPoS ambitions.

We find our attitude towards customers determines their attitude towards us, and so we work with a powerful yet simple rule at RMS ~

'Always give people more service and product than they expect to pay for'.


TESTIMONIALS: What ambitious retailers Are Saying about rms

"We engaged with RMS and the biggest difference in their approach is that if we pick up the telephone and raise a query, their answer is always carefully considered and centres on us as the customer. Unlike other companies that we have dealt with that perhaps deliver a quick stock answer to close down the query. We rarely hear - sorry, that cannot be done! We are very impressed and cannot recommend RMS enough".
Paul Swadzba,

Owner, The Kilt Hire Co.