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Nitrosell E-Commerce

e-Commerce for successful retailers

NitroSell e-Commerce is an integrated e-Commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS).
It includes everything you need to put your retail business online, helping you to reach a wider audience, sell more effectively to existing customers, and keep your inventory up-to-date with minimal effort.

Traditional e-Commerce offerings are not designed with retailers in mind, so valuable time is wasted on dual maintenance - tracking what you sell in store and what you sell on line. With NitroSell e-Commerce, all your information is in one place - your store - and your web store is updated automatically.

Just imagine adding a new product to your bricks-and-mortar store, with price, description, supplier details, sizes and colours to Dynamics Retail RMS, and with one click "show on web site" - the product is automatically added to your e-commerce web store with the minimum of administration.

When that product is sold on-line, it will also decrement the stock amount in-store so both selling channels are working together.

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Benefits of NitroSell e-Commerce include

  • Web orders are processed and fulfilled at your point-of-sale;
  • If an item is bought in-store, its availability is almost instantly updated on the web;
  • Your store sales reports include web sales;
  • New items can be added to your online inventory by simply ticking a box;
  • If a customer buys from your web store, a store account is automatically created;
  • Store promotions and discounts can be quickly and easily extended to the web;
  • VAT and shipping charges for online and offline sales are kept consistent.


NitroSell Key Features

NitroSell e-Commerce includes everything you would expect from a best-in-breed e-Commerce solution.
Features include:

  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Automated payment processing
  • Multiple web stores
  • Complete gift registry support (e.g. wedding lists)
  • Flexible discounting and promotions (different pricing on web than store is possible)
  • Customisable templates using CSS and Nitroscript
  • Bespoke full design service available
  • Designed for mobile


Why NitroSell?

RMS chose to partner with NitroSell because of their outstanding understanding of Retail, the on-line sales channel and their in-depth understanding of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System. NitroSell was built from the ground up to work alongside Retail Management System. Some webstore systems have been "spoon and forked" to feed into RMS but NitroSell integrates seamlessly to the back end and EPOS operations for the greatest possible customer and administrator experience. NitroSell is backed by outstanding global sales, technical and customer service support team based in Ireland staffed by real people that share our passion about on-line and in-store retailing using the Dynamics RMS system as a platform.

Managed Service and Support

The Nitrosell service is fully managed, so they take care of all the technical functions, such as hosting, content delivery, security, updates and patches, as well as the all-important search engine optimisation. An optional design consultancy service is available to get you up and running even quicker.

Want to learn more?

Please contact RMS and speak to a specialist to discuss your web store requirements in more detail.

Further information on Nitrosell can be found here



e-commerce for Discount Stores

NitroSell e-commerce may be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics RMS to meet the needs of discount store operators


e-commerce for clothing & footwear

Nitrosell is a powerful e-commerce solution for clothing & footwear stores that works seamlessly with your EPOS System