The Premier EPoS Solution

for Retail Shops

OpSuite EPoS for Retail Shops

At RMS, we have developed an innovative way to manage your stock, sales and orders. Our OpSuite cloud managed EPoS solution is one way your business can operate effectively, and reach its business goals, utilising the freedom of a highly powerful automated EPoS which utilises the latest technologies and empower your team.

Simple Setup

With a simple and seamless setup and integration into your retail shop’s database, the RMS OpSuite cloud managed EPoS solution is perfect for any single or multi-store retailer, with the ability to effectively implement its powerful rich set of features across all your retail sites, while maintaining control from a single site if required. And through in-depth training and workshopping from our experienced team, your retail staff will feel empowered to get the most from your new EPoS system.

  • Perfect EPoS

    OpSuite is the perfect retail Electronic Point of Sale EPoS software system for todays’ modern retailer.

  • Unique Features

    Packed with a rich set of unique features which will assist your retail operation in being more efficient and profitable.

  • Cloud Managed

    OpSuite is a cloud managed retail EPoS software solution that is a Quantum leap forward in technology, capability and usability for retailers looking for the most efficient, easy-to-use EPoS system.

  • Empower Your Staff

    OpSuite EPoS solution for retail allows you to drive greater efficiency savings, improve customer service, reduce manpower and manual processes, empowering your staff to make confident buying decisions that produce results.

  • Single or Multi-Store

    Whether you are a single store, multi-store or franchise retailer, then the rich set of features coupled with OpSuite's cloud managed functionality will allow you to effectively control your enterprise from anywhere you wish.

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We find our attitude towards customers determines their attitude towards us, and so we work with a powerful yet simple rule at RMS ~

'Always give people more service and product than they expect to pay for'.


TESTIMONIALS: What ambitious retailers Are Saying about rms

We were at a stage where our EPoS hardware was in need of a complete upgrade and we needed help with installation and data transfer of our existing RMS and NitroSell system.

Upgrading any EPoS system is often stressful and disruptive to both staff and the business. However RMS dealt with everything from the initial planning, loading the operating system on all the new hardware, transferring all the programs and data and completing an in depth system test. All this was done at the RMS Head Office and away from our working environment, allowing our company to continue as normal.

Once the new system had been installed and tested at RMS HQ, the hardware was shipped to ourselves and installed locally by RMS staff. The changeover was seamless and caused no interruptions with our day to day retail operations, with no down time as the installation was completed on a day when we are normally closed.

After care was exemplary, with RMS dealing with all software and actively monitoring our EPoS systems with their on-line monitoring service, in fact they have generally spotted and fixed any issue before we know it has occurred.

I can honestly say that RMS are, and always have been, the best EPoS IT company I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

RMS have always delivered on time, within the initial quotes and often beyond expectation. Having being with RMS for over six years we simply would not use anyone else.
Mark Burley

Director, Model Railways Direct Ltd