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Ergonomic Solutions ClickSafe Single Lock

The ClickSafe Chip and PIN single lock for your PED machine

This security cable links with the Chip and PIN device to secure the payment terminal and meet the new PCI legislation.

The ClickSafe locks have been designed for legislation that is coming into effect on 30th June 2015 for any company that takes payment from customers through a physical payment device. Retailers will have to comply with PCI DSS Version 3.0 Requirement 9.9.

Securing a terminal or mobile device must:

  • Prevent theft or replacement with an unauthorised terminal

  • Prevent data capture from the payment infrastructure

  • Prevent the addition of skimming equipment to the terminal or network

  • Protect PIN data that is vulnerable to shoulder surfing

  • Protect unattended terminals and prevent physical removal

  • Protect not only the terminal, but the cables as well

ClickSafe has been specifically engineered to withstand the rigours of a potentially hostile environment and protect your payment terminals and hardware from abuse and theft. Designed for everyday use, SpacePole ClickSafe's superior strength and ease of use makes your first line of defence even stronger without any reduction in access or flexibility. ClickSafe features unique SpacePole integration and the keyless installation only requires you to click the lock in place.

The single lock straight cable option is designed to secure a payment terminal to a counter or wall using the anchor point. The carbon-tempered 7×7-inch steel straight cable is simply looped through the anchor point and clicked onto the hardware anchor on the payment terminal. The ClickSafe die-cast metal housing resists attacks and protects the advanced locking mechanism.

2 Year Return to Manufacturer Warranty

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